Keep track of household tasks that need to be done or household items you need to purchase on your next shopping trip. Simply put this magnetic pad on your refrigerator and you’ll have a convenient way to keep important lists. The back of the pages have a laundry list of grocery store items categorized so you can check to see if your list is missing any essential items.


Have a list of emergency phone numbers at the ready for your babysitter or kids to use should an emergency arise. Allen Service is happy to send you this refrigerator magnet at no charge, simply call 970-744-2557 or complete the order form below.

Bonus coupons!

The thick backing stock on these pads carry 3 valuable offers: a drain cleaning coupon, a furnace or A/C check-up offer and a water heater replacement discount coupon from Allen Service.

We care about your home, your family and your peace of mind. Allen Service is happy to send this send you as many of these pads as you like at no charge. Simply call 970-744-2557 or complete the form below.

FREEBIES are only available for customers in our service area. Allen Service will only respond to Freebie requests from the following Northern Colorado zip codes: 80512, 80513, 80517, 80521, 80524, 80525, 80526, 80528, 80534, 80535, 80536, 80537, 80538, 80541, 80543, 80545, 80546, 80549, 80550, 80610, 80612, 80615, 80620, 80631, 80634, 80645, 80648, 80650.

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