The full wrath of winter may be a distant concern, but there’s never a bad time for Colorado furnace repairs. Your furnace should be cared for like the engine in your car. You take your car in for regular maintenance, such as tire rotations, oil changes, and filter replacements to ensure it operates efficiently and runs when you need it to. Allen Service wants to see Colorado residents treat their furnace the same way, and offers the best heating repair in Timnath, Colorado.

Our Service

At Allen Service, we offer everything from routine maintenance and checkups for your unit, to the installation and emergency repair of various furnace systems. As an authorized Amana and Goodman dealer, we install and repair the finest HVAC systems available today. In addition to standard furnace units, we work with the following systems as well:

  • Hybrid heat systems
  • Dual-fuel systems
  • Heat pumps
  • Geothermal models
  • Humidifiers
  • Air purification and air filter systems

We even offer carbon monoxide testing within your home to check for leaks and address any underlying issues that may be leading to leaks, such as clogged filters, blowers, and other systems in your furnace.

Energy-Efficient Upgrades

The federal government is encouraging all Americans to upgrade their outdated furnace models to energy-efficient versions that use less natural gas and emit fewer harmful toxins into the atmosphere. Allen Service has the know-how to help your family switch to an energy-efficient furnace. Geothermal, hybrid, and solar systems offer a variety of benefits to homeowners, and none more important than savings on the installation of your system. Did you know the government offers the following benefits for those upgrading their system?

  • 30% off the entire cost of your geothermal or solar system.
  • 30% of the cost for hybrid heating systems.
  • 30% off the cost (up to $1,500) on any energy-efficient system graded 95% or higher.

Emergency Assistance

Sometimes all the preparation in the world can’t help avoid emergency scenarios. If your furnace quits in the middle of the winter, there’s no time to waste getting the warm air flowing again. Allen Service offers emergency heating repair in Timnath, Colorado that includes same-day appointments with our certified technicians.

Call Us Today

If you would like to schedule a routine tune up for your furnace, or need a same-day appointment for emergency repairs, please feel free to contact Allen Service today. You can speak with one of our customer service representatives and get your appointment scheduled quickly.