Protect Your Home’s Water Supply by Having a Backflow Prevention Device Installed for Your Fort Collins, Loveland or Greeley Home

There are numerous cases on record of people who have been hospitalized due to water contamination each year; some of these cases can even be fatal. This shows just how important backflow prevention systems are.

Backflow prevention systems provide protection to a home’s water supply and ensure that it is not contaminated by harmful elements and that it’s always clean and fit for drinking. Preventing water contamination is especially important when the source shares a connection with dangerous equipment. By installing a backflow prevention device, you will make sure that every time you encounter any issues with a cross connection on the water line, your drinking water will not be contaminated.

Picking the Right Backflow Prevention Device for Your Fort Collins, Loveland or Greeley Home

There are various choices when it comes to choosing backflow prevention systems. The simplest of devices – installed on the faucets outside your home – cost less than $5. There are also more complex systems which are installed in the areas that connect to your water source. These devices are more complex and thus are more expensive.

Despite its price, the complex system is the preferred option among most homeowners, as the cheaper devices don’t last as long and simply are not as effective.

Your backflow prevention systems should be checked on an annual basis. Although there are costs involved with maintenance and potential repairs, it is important to make sure that any device is in proper working condition at all times to ensure that there is no water contamination. From pipe leak repairs and clogged toilets to backflow prevention and testing, we’re the plumbing company you can rely on. Contact us today for more information!

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