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Fast, Efficient and Affordable Furnace Repair Throughout Fort Collins, Loveland and Greeley

If you have noticed a decline in the quality of your furnace or if it has given up altogether, do not try to repair it yourself. Call in a furnace repair expert immediately.

Fort Collins, Windsor and Loveland residents can call Allen Service. Our trained and highly experienced technicians can repair your furnace.

What Are the Signs That it’s Time For a Furnace Repair?

A furnace may give reduced output or stop working altogether for many reasons. Here are a few signs that it’s time for a furnace repair:

Furnace Repair The furnace is making noise: The problem can usually be traced to a loose belt, a failing component, or a problem with ignition.
Adjusting the thermostat does not work: When we feel cold, our usual response is to crank the thermostat up. If you have tried this and it does not help, there might be something wrong with the furnace.
Your electricity bills have increased: An increased electricity bill usually means the furnace is inefficient.
The pilot light has become yellow: The pilot light should be blue. A yellow pilot light indicates a problem with the gas combination.
You are not able to start the furnace: The problem might be in the thermostat, a fan rotor, faulty wiring, or the pilot light.
The quality of air inside your house has declined: If you are having trouble breathing inside your house, carbon monoxide might be leaking from the furnace or the furnace might be circulating mold, dust, or other irritants.
There is a draft inside your house: This is a sign that the furnace is not able to heat your home properly.

Our Furnace Repair Experts Will Analyze Your Furnace and Tell You Quickly What Could Have Gone Wrong. Once the Problem is Detected, We Will Resolve the Issue as Fast As We Can. To Learn More About our Furnace Repair Service, Please Contact Us at 970-744-2557