Ault HeatingWhen was the last time you had your furnace repaired or tuned up? Did you know that common problems your furnace faces over time not only lead to a shorter lifespan and inefficient operation, but also costly 24 hour heating repair in Ault, Colorado? Emergency repairs are sometimes necessary to keep a furnace going and warm air circulating, but at Allen Service we’d like to see all Ault residents resting comfortably in a warm home this winter.

5 Common Furnace Problems

Your home furnace is a mechanical system, and all mechanical systems are prone to failure at some point. This is especially true when those systems aren’t properly maintained over the course of time. Simply shutting down your furnace for the summer and expecting it to bounce back in the fall ignores the stress your system faces in the winter. The following are five common problems homeowners experience:

ThermostatMalfunctioning thermostat: faulty thermostats aren’t just a problem of settings, they can lead to issues with the fan and comfort levels in your home.
Frequent cycling: your furnace shouldn’t be turning on and off with great regularity, as this may indicated clogged filters or improper airflow.
Blower runs constantly: again, your blower shouldn’t be running at all times either. This can be a sign of a problem with the limit switch.
Dirty filters: you should switch the filter in your furnace with every changing season. Dirty or clogged filters force your furnace to work harder, stressing the mechanical systems and shortening the lifespan of the model.

Why You Should Perform Regular Furnace Maintenance in Ault, CO

Furnace RepairIf you want to avoid furnace installation in Ault, the best thing you can do is extend the life of your current model. The average furnace in an American home today lasts anywhere from 15 to 20 years. This is entirely dependent, however, upon the care your furnace receives. Without proper tune ups to ensure peak performance, your furnace is forced to work harder to heat your home. When your furnace works harder, you face the potential for increased repair calls, a shorter lifespan, and even 24 hour heating repair in Ault, Colorado.

Consider an Upgrade

GeothermalThe federal government continues to urge Americans to upgrade to energy-efficient furnace models in their homes. At Allen Service we work with all models of furnace, from boilers to baseboard hot water heat, and can event provide furnace installation in Ault on the following models:

Hybrid heating systems
Dual-fuel systems

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