Berthoud HeatingWinter is coming to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, and Berthoud residents need to make sure their furnace and heating systems are ready to keep the home warm once Old Man Winter unleashes his wrath. Whether your heating unit needs its annual checkup or emergency repairs, Allen Service is the heating repair company in Berthoud, Colorado you want to turn to this season.

We’re a Full-Service Heating Repair Company in Berthoud

Allen Service offers everything you need to get your furnace, heat pump or boiler running smoothly for the upcoming winter. Your furnace is like the engine in your car. An automobile operates at its most efficient levels when the oil is clean and the filters are new. Likewise, your furnace will more efficiently and effectively heat your home after a tune up that includes changing out the furnace filter. Our certified technicians come to your house and provide honest, dependable service to ensure your heating system is ready to keep your home comfortable during the winter months.

Our List of Services Also Includes:

Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer Furnace equipment repair
Humidifier installation
Thermostat and climate-control equipment installation
Energy efficient upgrades

Providing Berthoud Emergency Heating Service

Furnace RepairThere’s nothing worse than having your furnace give out in the middle of winter. Cold temperatures are nothing to joke about, as a lack of heat in your home can mean the difference between life and death. Allen Service’s certified technicians are available for same-day appointments to assess any of the following issues with your furnace:

Pilot light is out.
Furnace runs extra but doesn’t heat the home.
Furnace doesn’t come on.

We also conduct emergency repairs to get the warm air flowing through your house again, not only keeping it comfortable, but also safe for you and your family.

Energy-Efficient Upgrades from Allen Service

Energy EfficientAs one of the best heating repair companies in Berthoud, Colorado, we at Allen Service are proud to offer all of our customers with assistance in upgrading their home’s heating system to a new energy-efficient model. The federal government is encouraging Americans to invest in energy-efficient heating and cooling systems for their home to help cut down carbon emissions. Regardless of tax credits and other offers, upgrading to an energy-efficient model can help your family save money in the long term. Newer heating systems use less natural gas to provide the same level of warmth and comfort in your home, cutting down your utility bills and helping the environment at the same time.

Call Us For a Heat Pump or Furnace Repair

To learn more about Allen Service, we encourage you to get in touch with us today. You can ask about our energy-efficient upgrades or schedule an emergency repair appointment to get the warm air pumping in your home once again. Call us today!

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