You could be forgiven for ignoring the onset of winter for as long as possible. When you live in a state as beautiful as Colorado, you learn to embrace the wonder of all the seasons. Each new season brings with it different opportunities to explore the beauty of nature in the Rocky Mountains. However, that beauty comes with ice-cold temperatures during winter. Is your furnace ready to keep your home warm when the temperatures start to dip? Allen Service encourages all Colorado residents to think ahead and consider tune ups for their furnaces before winter arrives.

Why You Need Regular Tune Ups

A furnace is a mechanical system, and as such its efficient operation depends upon the intricate interplay between a variety of systems in order to pump out warm air to keep your home comfortable during the winter. If you’ve never thought to have regular tune ups for your furnace, here’s a few reasons to change your mind:

  • Ensure proper airflow: Poor airflow not only decreases the efficiency of your furnace, it also forces it to work harder and shortens its usable lifespan due to unnecessary stress.
  • Reduce repairs: Regular maintenance now helps you avoid running into bigger problems in the future by keeping all the parts and pieces operating harmoniously.
  • Save money: You read that right, you’ll save money. Maintenance now avoids the need for costly furnace repair 24/7 in Eaton. Also, a clean unit is an efficient unit, which means less natural gas used and lower monthly utility bills.

Our Services

In addition to regular heating repair in Eaton, Colorado, Allen Service offers residents in the area HVAC advice, installation, and long-term support on all models purchased. We also work on peripheral systems that work with your furnace, such as:

  • Humidifiers
  • Thermostats
  • Air-quality systems
  • Air-control systems
  • Carbon monoxide checks

Available Upgrades

Whenever possible, Allen Service encourages customers to upgrade to energy-efficient models. There’s no better time than the present to ditch your inefficient, outdated furnace for a new model. The federal government offers assistance up to 30% of the cost on new energy-efficient models. You save money on the front end, and in the long run in the form of lower utility costs.

Call Today

If you need heating repair in Eaton, Colorado, don’t wait any longer to call Allen Service. Our courteous customer service team is waiting to answer your questions and help you schedule an appointment. We even offer same-day appointments for furnace repair 24/7 in Eaton.