Laporte HeatingThe worst time to discover that you need emergency furnace service in Laporte is when the temperatures have already dipped and you wake up to a freezing cold home. Your furnace should be viewed with the same respect and attention as the engine in your car. With clean fuel, clear filters, and fresh oil, your engine performs at its peak ability. Likewise, your furnace performs at its best when the filter is changed, the blowers are clear, and the system has received a tune-up. Allen Service offers the best furnace repair in Laporte, CO and customer satisfaction is what we live by.

Common Reasons for Furnace Repair in Laporte

When the temperatures are warm and you’re enjoying the swimsuit weather of summer, it’s easy to forget about your furnace. No one ever seems to think about the furnace until it’s time for emergency furnace service in Laporte. What are some common reasons that lead homeowners to call for furnace service?

Filters Dirty filters: dirty or clogged air filters reduce the airflow in your furnace, forcing it to work harder.
Electric ignition/pilot light issues: faulty ignitions or pilot lights often result in furnaces failing to turn on when directed by the thermostat, and occur as a result of thermocouple problems or drafts and clogs in the system.
Frequent cycling: if you notice your furnace turning on and off on a frequent basis, it could be a sign of clogged filters or poor airflow.
Blower runs constantly: this may be a sign your limit switch is malfunctioning.
Furnace is noisy: like an automobile engine, abnormal noises (rumbling, squeaking, or rattles) aren’t part of the normal operation of your furnace.

Emergency Heat Pump Repairs and Service

24 Hour EmergencySometimes the best maintenance routines cannot prevent malfunctions. If this occurs in the depths of winter, you and your family are left facing the elements without warmth in your home. A lack of heat in winter is not only a safety issue for you, but it poses problems for your home such as frozen pipes. Allen Service is proud to offer same-day appointments and emergency heat pump service in Laporte to ensure the warm air is flowing in your home again so you don’t have to go a single night without heat.

Additional Heating Services

Our services aren’t limited to simple maintenance and repairs. Allen Service can help you find the best furnace for your home, install new systems, and even offers peripheral services, such as:

Humidifier installation/repair
Thermostat installation/repair
Air quality checks

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