Milliken HeatingColorado is known for its breathtaking vistas, courtesy of the Rocky Mountains, and its wealth of outdoor activities. Like it or not, Colorado is also well known for its cold winters and plentiful snowfall. Nothing’s more important to your winter preparation than proper furnace maintenance to ensure warm air is pumping through your home all season. When you need heating repair in Milliken, Colorado, turn to Allen Service.

Common Milliken Furnace Issues

Every mechanical system in the world, from lawn mowers to home furnaces and heat pumps, requires routine maintenance to ensure proper function. Your furnace is a complex system with a variety of interconnected parts. One small issue can lead to larger failure of the entire system. If you’ve noticed a lack of performance from your furnace in recent years, Allen Service recommends watching for these common issues:

Filters Malfunctioning thermostat: faulty thermostats lead to fan issues and lower comfort levels in your home.
Dirty filters: dirty or clogged filters stress your furnace, causing it to work harder and shortening its usable lifespan.
Electric ignition/pilot light problems: issues with these systems can result in your furnace failing to turn on when needed.
Constant cycling: if your furnace is turning on and off too often, you may have a clogged filter or poor airflow.
Blower is always on: if the blower is running constantly, you may have a problem with the limit switch in your furnace.

Avoiding Common Problems With Your Furnace or Heat Pump

In order to avoid these common problems with your furnace, Allen Service recommends scheduling routine maintenance for your furnace every year in the fall before your unit is called into full-time duty during the winter months. Our heating repair in Milliken, Colorado includes a visit from one of our certified technicians. We’ll check the filters, blower, thermostat, and other fixtures of your furnace to ensure all systems are working properly. A simple checkup now avoids the expense and hassle of emergency repairs or replacement in the middle of winter.

Additional Heating Services from Allen Service

HouseAllen Service isn’t just here to provide you with routine maintenance or emergency repairs. We’re concerned with providing the best heating repair service in Milliken. As such, we also provide information on all the following systems:

Geothermal, boilers, steam boilers, baseboard hot water heat, and radiant ware floor heat systems.
Installation and maintenance of new furnace systems.
Carbon monoxide checks.
Thermostat repair and installation.
Humidifier repair and installation.

Allen Service works with the best to ensure all of our customers get the best furnace to keep their homes warm throughout the winter season.

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