Try High Speed Water Jetting to Solve Your Sewer and Drain Issues in Fort Collins, Loveland and Greeley

High Speed Water JettingDrain pipes and sewer pipes are susceptible to stoppages. This can happen over a period of time or in just a few days if a large enough object is stuck in the pipe. If this blockage is not removed, the capacity of the drain pipe will be drastically reduced and eventually will stop completely.

Many of these blockages are tough to remove with traditional drain cleaning equipment. In this case, another option is high speed water jetting. Allen Service provides water jetting services for drain and sewer pipes in Fort Collins, Loveland and Greeley.

What is Water Jetting and Its Advantages?

Sludge, grease and debris have a tendency to stick to the wall of a drain or sewer pipe. With time, this blockage increases in size, hindering the movement of water. In water jetting, a flexible pipe with a special nozzle is introduced into the drain or sewer pipe. As the pipe makes its way through the drain, it lets loose a powerful jet of water which removes the blockages. These blockages are washed away by the water, rendering the pipe clean. No blockage can stand in the way of the water jet.

Water Jetting Has Many Advantages. Here Are Some of Them:
It penetrates the hardened grease and emulsifies it.
It breaks up sludge and any other debris.
Any roots in the way of the jet are pulverized.
Hardened scale is cut out.
The system is thoroughly flushed.

Also, no drain cleaning liquids are used, which makes the process environmentally safe.

Water Jetting is One of the Best Ways to Clean a Troublesome Drain. To Learn More or to Engage Our Water Jetting Services in Fort Collins, Windsor, Greeley and Loveland, Contact Us at 970-744-2557